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Industrial Refrigeration Control

VaCom has a standard offering for industrial refrigeration control systems.  Our repetitive industrial work has allowed us to create reusable components which we can quickly assemble into a full system tailored to your industrial refrigeration needs.   VaCom’s Industrial Refrigeration Control Systems offer a complete solution for large refrigerated facilities, combining the required power controls, electronic controls and control software to accomplish the required objectives in the most effective and reliable manner, consistent with client objectives.

Click here for a downloadable brochure on our Industrial Refrigeration Control System. 

Open System Commitment:  Closed systems limit future options.  VaCom believes in delivering open control systems, allowing future modifications and expansion without reliance on highly proprietary software platforms.  Systems are developed and delivered with all software and source code so owners can make future additions and expansions using VaCom or other qualified integrators, or with their own staff.

Opto22 Platform:  Opto22 is one of our standard hardware and software platforms for industrial refrigeration control.  We selected the open Opto22 solution for several reasons:

  • Cost-effectiveness and availability:  Parts are readily available, software is extremely low-cost, and are accessible to integrators as well as contractors and end-users.

  •  Proven history of use in the refrigeration industry, and demonstrated reliability in heavy industrial applications.

  • Simple yet highly advanced control structure – using simple flow-chart and event driven architecture, yet supporting advanced script programming capability.  See for more information: www.opto22.com.

IR Software Suite:  VaCom’s Industrial Refrigeration Software Suite is designed as a configurable program, providing maximum value by balancing pre-programmed elements and custom features on each project.  Typically 90% of any project will fit within the standard “feature-sets” and an additional 10% of customization is expected to be unique to a particular facilities equipment or operational needs.  Standard features incorporate VaCom’s extensive background and experience in energy efficiency and refrigeration system design, thereby delivering sophisticated strategies within a standardized and fully documented structure.  Custom features include special control logic and plant-specific graphical layouts and naming conventions.  IR Suite Version 2.0 runs on Opto22 ioProject, which provide both control programming and HMI display.

Power Integration:  Power controls – motor starters and VFDs – are included with controllers in a pre-fabricated control panels, reducing overall cost by minimizing field requirements installation cost and time requirements.

Control and Power Panels:  VaCom Control Panels are UL-508 listed.  Panels are pre-programmed (when applicable) and tested to simplify start-up and lower field costs.  Multiple panels can be designed as required to match power wiring requirements, such as at MCC panels or remote penthouses.  Distributed Opto22 IO racks are included in remote panels to eliminate the need for extensive “home run” control wiring, using Ethernet communications from distributed panels to a main controller.

Systems Integration:  Most industrial refrigeration system involve integration with various sub-systems and equipment controllers such as screw compressor microprocessors, ammonia detection systems, power meters, or existing plant controllers.  VaCom has developed standard drivers for most screw compressors, as well as numerous other devices using Modbus, serial, or other communications protocols.

Control and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Options:  Other control platforms and software are available, to meet the needs or match installed equipment base in a particular facility  VaCom provides programming for Allen Bradley SLC500, PLC5, ControlLogix, and GE Fanuc PLCs, and Wonderware InTouch® and Rockwell RSView HMI software. 

Documentation:  Control System documentation is delivered to our client for each project, including control and HMI program files. 

Unlike many companies who essentially hold the customer "hostage" by retaining programming files, we want to earn future business based on performance.

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Other Control Examples

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