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Design and Simulation Services

The energy efficiency of a facility is related to the design, construction, the usage, and the outside environment.  Most facilities are constructed within gross assumptions that may prove radically inefficient in actual use. 

VaCom engineers can quickly identify these inefficiencies through the use of the Department of Energy (DOE2) simulation algorithms, combined into the DOE2.2R hourly refrigeration simulation tool which VaCom co-developed, working with J.J. Hirsch and Associates.  www.doe2.com.  DOE2.2R is a component based hourly simulation model, specifically designed for refrigeration systems, from large industrial plants to supermarkets.  When combined with VaCom engineering analysis, these computer tools accurately assess the economics of system design and control alternatives such as compressor upgrades, variable speed drive upgrades, or system redesign for lower cost operation.  For example, the simple installation of a VaCom packaged control panel may extend the life of existing equipment while generating substantial savings.  In most cases VaCom can provide turn-key delivery of the project (and the resulting utility efficiency incentives).  VaCom has utilized DOE2.2R in evaluation of refrigeration systems in over 250 whole building simulations in the last five years.

Key Benefits

  • DOE2 benefits are recognized by the utilities granting the incentives
  • VaCom engineering costs can be included in the total project cost
  • VaCom experience with the utilities ensures accurate program qualification
  • Capital Investments have near-term payback

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